Creative at my core, my work entails telling visual stories, collaborating with and building critical teams to help bring those stories to life. I’ve been very fortunate in my career of 25+ years to have crossed over into varied industries where my professional career originated in TV, broadcast, and film with a focus on motion graphics that spring boarded me into the real-time interactive media sectors. From B2B to video games, and toy development pipelines for mass production, having worked in multiple disciplines, these experiences allow me to pull from my arsenal of creative solutions. Visual effects are all-encompassing, and I believe in imploring every facet of the creative production pipeline to achieve the optimal visuals, striking just the right balance of technical and artistic solutions.

Early on I saw immediately how big the picture really was and how many endless possibilities of fun and exploration could be had that would serve a great purpose to the communities at large. Coming from a traditional art background and continually accruing technical knowledge, this has led me along a creative journey of opportunities in real-time interactive solutions, story-boarding and creating pre-rendered videos and animations. In some instances, I might find myself focusing on high-end pre-rendered stills for Sales/Marketing/Packaging to 3D printing and Arc-viz, and in other instances organizations are seeking me out to provide guidance and strategy on pipeline development for real-time creative solutions and production environments. Whether I'm providing visual direction, IP ideation, or offering consult in trainings and introductions to various industry softwares, it’s a never-ending intrigue to be immersed in such diverse projects. The best part is seeing it all come to fruition. 
It all started back in my early years when I was 12 and commissioned for my very first Graffiti Mural, or Burner as we called it. I was heavily influenced by Street Murals and tags from the great Graffiti artists who shared their works in my hometown of Brooklyn to all the other 4 points (Boroughs) in New York. With those vibrant expressions, along with my love and respect for the great comic book artists and the superheroes that their pencils and pens lay down, I began exploring my own artistic abilities, always carrying around my sketchbook and tools of trade in my Jansport backpack. Giving in to my spontaneous creative impulses became a favorite past time, but a sedentary lifestyle was never for me, so I soon enough also picked up boxing. Art taught me life while boxing taught me regimen, and through it all I attribute my creative curiosities to inspiration that spawned from growing up in my old stomping grounds that I called home: BK.
As an adult, who is still a kid at heart, I love that I’m fortunate to be able to work with Art, Creativity, and Technology on a daily basis, alongside others who share my passion. Throughout my career, I’ve had amazing opportunities to focus on interactive media and video game development. I worked with small indie teams, and both medium-sized privately owned studios and larger AAA studios. It’s tremendously exciting to be on the ground floor of a fledgling IP in its development to then working on rapid prototyping for green-lighting projects. Seeing and taking an active role in the full development cycle that is ever-evolving is particularly fulfilling when you get to witness the fruits of the team’s dedication. There’s nothing like being able to see the titles ship - console, mobile, DLC or expansion packs. And celebrating with the team on our successful releases are always such rewarding experiences!
As an ever evolving Artist/Designer/Creative, I enjoy the challenges and endless possibilities that are brought to us with new technologies and tools that allow us to refine the creation process. No matter the medium or the tool, I am always certain that there is an efficient, effective, and elegant artistic solution that I can help uncover so we can bring that shared vision to life.
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