As VFX Lead, I led and managed an 8-10 person in-house team, along with Outsource considerations, while setting and guiding artistic visual direction. We shipped 2 expansions, Living World Episodes, RAIDS, MTX, Rapid Content, Legendary Weapons, and Legendary Armor. 
Below is just a sampling of my direct contributions.
Concept and Look Dev
Below is a list of some of the shipped content during my time at ANet:
Living World Episode: Bug in the System
Living World Episode: Out of the Shadows
Living World Episode: Rising Flames
Living World Episode: Crack in the Ice
Living World Episode: Head of the Snake
Living World Episode: Flashpoint
Heart of Thorns RAIDS Hall of Chains
Heart of Thorns RAIDS Spirit Vale
Heart of Thorns RAIDS Salvation Pass
Heart of Thorns RAIDS Stronghold of the Faithful
Heart of Thorns RAIDS Bastion of the Penitent
H.O.T. Expansion
P.O.F. Expansion
It was also fun being a part of the Guild Chats with the amazing and engaging fans!
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