As a Creative Consultant at Hasbro, I translated and modeled the complete physical buck system into a digital representation in Maya, which yielded 100+ modular models for varying toy configurations. I was able to also introduce and train the internal Hasbro team on ZBrush Sculpting and Maya. Once the internal team was comfortable with ZBrush, I collaborated and worked alongside a good friend and fellow artist, Zack Petroc, for deeper lesson dives. With Zack’s expertise in traditional sculpting and being an anatomy expert, the two of us provided comprehensive lessons in ZBrush, preparing and giving readiness to what the internal team was about to endeavor.
I continued to develop, document, and train the internal Hasbro team on the digitized production process flow of getting the buck models from Maya into ZBrush to be sculpted on, allowing for a seamless digital sculpting workflow while maintaining the buck structural set-up/configuration for mass toy production. This pipeline was then further adapted and expanded to other streamlined efforts for Hasbro’s toy mass production, which additionally maximized their Outsource and freelance capabilities, along with their marketing and product output.
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